There's a lot of work ahead of us

Let's make a real difference in Guelph.

There's a long road ahead. I'm so grateful to have your support — all of the work we need to do advocating for groundwater, sustainable growth, effective transit, and the Innovation Corridor... it can't be done alone.

Even if you can't donate money (and I know it's tight, especially for the people who really need a strong transit advocate!) I would love for you to be a part of the campaign: just hit that Stay Connected button below and I'll keep you informed of any challenges we face, and any opportunities to get involved.  

Or even better: start some conversations with your friends and neighbours about the issues facing Guelph. Most of all I hope this website acts as a clear and effective source of information.

And if you need me for anything, I'm always available; just hit that contact button below, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.



To donate, you must be an individual who is a resident of Ontario.

Photo by Jen Rafter, City of Guelph.