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What makes a person run for council?


2018 marks my 30th year as a Guelphite. I moved here with my family in 1988, and I've been part of this community ever since.

I grew up on Hadati Road, in a time when a forest grew just over the back fence and the edge of town was not far beyond. That close connection to natural space that I was lucky enough to have influences me to this day.

Later, I attended John F. Ross C.V.I., where I met the woman who would become my wife, Devon. After high school, I traveled the country and the world for several years. These adventures inspired me with ideas from cities around the world: ideas about traffic flow in Sydney, Australia (with its ubiquitous roundabouts) and the strong connection between Calgary, Alberta and its urban natural areas.

Returning to Guelph, I took a job working twelve-hour continental shifts, running machinery at the Nestle Waters plant. It was here that I was exposed firsthand to the complex problems that arise when the needs of industry and the needs of citizens are in conflict, and here that I grew to truly understand the importance of protecting our water resources for future generations.

I left Nestle Waters to study systems engineering at the University of Guelph, and thanks to the unwavering support of my wife and family, I was able to complete the degree and graduate with distinction. I now work at the University, teaching hands-on systems and computer engineering concepts to undergraduate students.

I've lived in the east end, the south end, in an apartment downtown, and since 2012, I've lived in the Marksam Road area where Devon and I bought our house on Sanderson Drive. (You may have spoken to us as we walk our dog, Sadie, through the neighbourhood!)

I'm running for council because I believe that the cities we live in strongly influence the people we become. I would not be the person I am today without Guelph, its people, or the adventures I've had here. I think Guelph has a particular knack for creating passionate, active, caring, and well-rounded citizens — it's part of what makes us unique — and I want to make sure that, as we grow, we keep this important aspect of ourselves, and can continue to provide opportunities for the children in our community to learn these values.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions.


Matt Saunders
Candidate, Ward 4

Me and Devon (I can still make her laugh!)

Me and Devon (I can still make her laugh!)